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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


September represents cancer awareness. This month is set aside to recognize all the people who fought through blood, tears and sweat to rid their cancer. Some won the battle and some fought until they could no longer fight. Those who moved onto a better place with forever remain in our hearts and memories. We are so proud of those who beat the grueling beast. We are also fortunate for those beautiful people because without them we would have never discovered such things as genetic mutations.

We are fortunate, though, because, unlike them, we will never have to experience the disease that attempts to devour the human body in its relentless manner. We're fortunate because we've been given the gift of knowing. Without that gift, some of us would be thrown into the fight. Some would lose and some would win. But, we're lucky because we do know this information and because of that we get to help ourselves out to prevent having to go through what our loved ones had to. There's no other way to say it. We who know we're BRCA Positive were given a gift; a gift I am grateful for each and everyday. 

Although I am grateful for this gift, I find myself wanting to distance from this group of people who refer to themselves as 'previvors'.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Repair Pal

Ever just feel like you're stuck? Trust me, most everybody has had that feeling. Cars aren't always the most loyal objects a human possesses. They may leave you stranded when you have no money or just really need to get somewhere important. Trust me, most people have been in this situation. And then they must decide what it is they are going to do.

Not to worry, though. That decision can now be easy for you. Whether your brakes went and you need a brake job or you're just having problems with that Chevy Silverado there is a place that can help you. Dallas auto repair is easy with Repair Pal. This company is designed to help you out. When you're in a situation like this one your biggest concern is probably the cost. Repair Pal is so convenient, though, that they have a tool on their website that will give you an estimate for your car brand, it's make, and the problem you're having.

Don't stress now. You can find the closest Repair Pal to you. They are located all over the country, but if you are in Dallas you are especially lucky because Dallas auto repair is especially popular. Repair pal has your back. So when your stuck because your car is turning its back don't worry because Repair pal has yours.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Osiris: The brand that adds color to a black and white world

Osiris has become an extremely popular brand among the younger generation. The brand, itself, produces retro looking products with a combination of the present. Many skaters are known to be flashing this brand around. Recently, though, younger people, who don't skate, have taken a liking to the brand. Their sneakers have become extremely popular among those in high school. With neon colored skinny jeans making their fad Osiris adds an even bigger splash of color to the young feet that wear their sneakers. Osiris shoes have definitely made a statement.

Their shoes aren't the only thing adding a splash of color to the younger generation, though. Osiris hoodies are making a flashy statement as well. Their hoodies are not only made for extra warmth, but for style too. Each hoodie has an added splash of color to make it more eye catching.

My personal favorite by Osiris, though, is their line of shoes. They are so flashy and fun, but stylish. They are very appealing to many people and will be noticed. So if you're looking to put some bold color in your life check out shoes by Osiris. They're definitely shoes you should have a pair of.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Visitor by Surprise

Since I came home from school, finding a job has become a struggle. Recently, though, I had some luck. I am meeting with a woman tomorrow and might end up taking care of her 2 little girls while she is at work during the summer. Through this struggle, though, the feeling of being stressed has overlapped my life.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

An Aching Heart that Reaches.

For two and a half weeks now, I have been home and done with my first year of college. Like every other college student I have been hunting down a job for the summer. I have been looking for a summer childcare job because I would love to be able to do fun things this summer with kids. I have been applying to jobs through a website called This website allows families to post jobs and people with childcare experience are able to apply for these jobs through the site. With my search, though, I found my heart breaking.

After searching and applying for weeks I came across a job post that was heartbreaking. A man had posted a job asking for help because he said his wife was battling advanced breast cancer, he worked all day and they had an 8 year old daughter. He went on to describe how he needed help getting his daughter off the bus, dinner cooked, some grocery shopping done, homework help for his daughter and a few other household tasks. My heart broke when I read this post and as I went to apply I discovered that the man and his family lived pretty far from me; a little over an hour one way. I felt awful that it was so far, but he remained in my thoughts.

Now I find myself sitting here, after crying, from explaining the man's story to my boyfriend, and telling this reality to you. I went onto the website yesterday to search for any job openings. I discovered there was, but my heart wishes this one could have been saved. The same man posted again because his wife

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Candy Store on Main Street

This is the first business I have heard of that supports BRCA Carriers in a different way that is definitely original. I have never heard of a business that offers not only a discount to BRCA carriers, but also donates money to Revlon Run/Walk. This is great and also unique!

It is refreshing to hear about this one of a kind candy shop. Located at 41A on Main Street in Port Washington, Long Island The Candy Store on Main Street is not only original, but creative too. Kids grow up

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Never Give Up

This past weekend my 3-Day for the Cure team hosted a yard sale. We are trying to reach our fundraising goal of $16,100. We decked the yard out in pink and made huge yard sale signs with fluorescent pink arrows to lead people to the house. One of our family members, Matt, was kind enough to call two local radio stations and the radio stations also announced it.

We ended up having so many things donated to us that we probably could have called ourselves a flea market. It was incredible how much support was shown. We started at about 7 in the morning and became really nervous when nobody was showing up. At 8, though, we became very excited about our 1st customer. As the day progressed we had a very busy yard sale going for us. It was great.

By the end of the day we were exhausted, but out yard sale was a success. We ended up making almost $1,000 to go into our 3-Day accounts.

I have found that the fundraising is the hardest part of participating in the 3-Day for the cure. I think this is to be symbolic of how hard the battle of breast cancer can be. Although it is hard, though, the people we love don't give up. The point is to not give up. The 60 mile walk is the easy part. I am proud of my Cindy's Angels. We have worked our asses off, but it is coming along and we will make it. Keep up the great work girls!